Friday, October 12, 2012

Oct.11th Debate

One of the reasons, America has become a great nation is it's fundamental belief in the separation of Church and State.  Unlike, in the Dark Ages, no single religion or ideology is allowed to pre-empt good leadership and governance in our nation which embraces the whole of mankind rather than a segmented portion.

Separation of church and state is one of the reasons America has flourished and has been able to move forward with enlightenment and progress.

If you listened intently to the vice-presidential debates last night, towards the end of the 90 minutes, you heard Paul Ryan answer Martha Radditz's question about Catholic values and the role religion would play in his policies.

He said:  his public and private life cannot be separated.  That he and his religion are one.  And that, as such, he would put Catholic doctrine into law.  He was speaking on the issue of abortion.

Yet, he was speaking to the issue of the separation of church and state.  Paul Ryan's answer stated plainly that under his tenure, America would return to the dark ages where Catholic Church doctrine pre-empted wise governance, imposing intolerant religious theology upon the masses.

If you listened intently, you heard his avowal that, if elected, he would eliminate America's policy of Separation of Church and State.

Are you alarmed yet?  I am.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

27 Romney Myths in 38 Minutes

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Pundits from both sides of the aisle have lauded Mitt Romney’s   s-t-r-o-n-g  debate performance, praising his *preparedness* and ability to challenge President Obama’s policies and accomplishments. But Romney only accomplished this goal by repeatedly misleading viewers. He spoke for 38 minutes of the 90 minute debate and told at least 27 myths:

1) “Get us energy independent, North American energy independent. That creates about 4 million j-o-b-s”. Romney’s plan for “energy independence” actually relies heavily on a study that assumes the U.S. continues with f-u-e-l   e-f-f-i-c-i-e-n-c-y standards set by the Obama administration. For instance, he uses Citigroup research based off the assumption that “‘the United States will *continue* with strict *fuel economy* standards that will lower its o-i-l  d-e-m-a-n-d.” Since he promises to undo the Obama administration’s new f-u-e-l   e-f-f-i-c-i-e-n-c-y   s-t-a-n-d-a-r-d-s, he would cut oil consumption s-a-v-i-n-g-s of 2 million barrels per day by 2025.

2) “I don’t have a $5 trillion t-a-x c-u-t. I don’t have a t-a-x   c-u-t of a scale that you’re talking about.” A T-a-x   P-o-l-i-c-y Center analysis of Romney’s proposal for a 20 percent across-the-board t-a-x c-u-t in all *federal income tax* rates, eliminating the *Alternative Minimum Tax*, eliminating the *estate tax* and other t-a-x   r-e-d-u-c-t-i-o-n-s, would *reduce* federal revenue $480 billion in 2015. This amount to $5 trillion over the decade.

3) “My view is that we ought to provide *tax relief* to people in the middle class. But I’m not going to *reduce* the share of taxes paid by high-income people.” If Romney hopes to provide *tax relief* to the middle class, then his $5 trillion t-a-x  c-u-t would add to the deficit. There are not enough deductions in the t-a-x  c-o-d-e that primarily benefit rich people to make his math work.

4) “My — my number-one principal is, there will be no t-a-x   c-u-t  that adds to the deficit. I want to underline that: no t-a-x   c-u-t that adds to the deficit.” As the T-a-x   P-o-l-i-c-y   Center concluded, Romney’s plan can’t both exempt middle class families from t-a-x   c-u-t-s and r-e-m-a-i-n  revenue neutral. “He’s promised all these things and he can’t do them all. In order for him to cover the cost of his t-a-x   c-u-t   without adding to the deficit, he’d have to find a way to raise taxes on middle income people or people making less than $200,000 a year,” the Center found.

5) “I will not under any circumstances raise taxes on middle-income families. I will lower taxes on middle-income families. Now, you cite a study. There are six other studies that looked at the study you describe and say it’s completely wrong.” The studies Romney cites actually further prove that Romney would, in fact, have to raise taxes on the middle class if he were to keep his promise not to lose revenue with his *tax rate* reduction.

6) “I saw a study that came out today that said you’re going to raise taxes by $3,000 to $4,000 on middle-income families.” Romney is pointing to this study from the A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n   E-n-t-e-r-p-r-i-s-e Institute. It actually found that rather than raise taxes to pay down the d-e-b-t, the Obama administration’s policies — those contained directly in his budget — would *reduce* the share of taxes that go toward servicing t-h-e d-e-b-t by $1,289.89 per taxpayer in the $100,000 to $200,000 range.

7) “And the reason is because s-m-a-l-l  b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s pays that individual rate; 54 percent of America’s workers work in businesses that are taxed not at the *corporate tax* rate, but at the individual tax rate….97 percent of the businesses are not — not taxed at the 35 percent tax rate, they’re taxed at a lower rate. But those businesses that are in the last 3 percent of businesses happen to employ half — half of all the people who work in small business.” Far less than half of the people affected by the expiration of the upper income tax cuts get any of their income at all from a small businesses. And those people could very well be receiving speaking fees or book royalties, which qualify as “small business income” but don’t have a direct impact on job creation. It’s actually hard to find a small business who think that they will be hurt if the marginal tax rate on income earned above $250,000 per year is increased.

8) “Mr. President, all of the increase in natural gas and oil has happened on private land, not on government land. On government land, your administration has cut the number of permits and licenses in half.” Oil production from federal lands is higher, not lower: Production from federal lands is up slightly in 2011 when compared to 2007. And the oil and gas industry is sitting on 7,000 approved permits to drill, that it hasn’t begun exploring or developing.

9) “The president’s put it in place as much public debt — almost as much debt held by the public as all prior presidents combined.” This is not even close to being true. When Obama took office, the national debt stood at $10.626 trillion. Now the national debt is over $16 trillion. That $5.374 trillion increase is nowhere near as much debt as all the other presidents combined.

10) “That’s why the National Federation of Independent Businesses said your plan will kill 700,000 jobs. I don’t want to kill jobs in this environment.” That study, produced by a right-wing advocacy organization, doesn’t analyze what Obama has actually proposed.

11) “What we do have right now is a setting where I’d like to bring money from overseas back to this country.” Romney’s plan to shift the country to a territorial tax system would allow corporations to do business and make profits overseas without ever being taxed on it in the United States. This encourages American companies to invest abroad and could cost the country up to 800,000 jobs.

12) “I would like to take the Medicaid dollars that go to states and say to a state, you’re going to get what you got last year, plus inflation, plus 1 percent, and then you’re going to manage your care for your poor in the way you think best.” Sending federal Medicaid funding to the states in the form of a block grant woud significantly reduce federal spending for Medicaid because the grant would not keep up with projected health care costs. A CBO estimate of a very similar proposal from Paul Ryan found that federal spending would be “35 percent lower in 2022 and 49 percent lower in 2030 than current projected federal spending” and as a result “states would face significant challenges in achieving sufficient cost savings through efficiencies to mitigate the loss of federal funding.” “To maintain current service levels in the Medicaid program, states would probably need to consider additional changes, such as reducing their spending on other programs or raising additional revenues,” the CBO found.

13) “I want to take that $716 billion you’ve cut and put it back into Medicare…. But the idea of cutting $716 billion from Medicare to be able to balance the additional cost of Obamacare is, in my opinion, a mistake." There’s that number again. Romney is claiming that Obamacare siphons off $716 billion from Medicare, to the detriment of beneficiaries. In actuality, that money is saved primarily through reducing over-payments to insurance companies under Medicare Advantage, not payments to beneficiaries. Paul Ryan’s budget plan keeps those same cuts, but directs them toward tax cuts for the rich and deficit reduction.

14) “What I support is no change for current retirees and near-retirees to Medicare.” Here is how Romney’s Medicare plan will affect current seniors: 1) by repealing Obamacare, the 16 million seniors receiving preventive benefits without deductibles or co-pays and are saving $3.9 billion on prescription drugs will see a cost increase, 2) “premium support” will increase premiums for existing beneficiaries as private insurers lure healthier seniors out of the traditional Medicare program, 3) Romney/Ryan would also lower Medicaid spending significantly beginning next year, shifting federal spending to states and beneficiaries, and increasing costs for the 9 million Medicare recipients who are dependent on Medicaid.

15) “Number two is for people coming along that are young, what I do to make sure that we can keep Medicare in place for them is to allow them either to choose the current Medicare program or a private plan. Their choice. They get to choose — and they’ll have at least two plans that will be entirely at no cost to them.” The Medicare program changes for everyone, even people who choose to remain in the traditional fee-for-service. Rather than relying on a guaranteed benefit, all beneficiaries will receive a premium support credit of $7,500 on average in 2023 to purchase coverage in traditional Medicare or private insurance. But that amount will only grow at a rate of GDP plus 1.5 percentage points and will not keep up with health care costs. So while the federal government will spend less on the program, seniors will pay more in premiums.

16) “And, by the way the idea came not even from Paul Ryan or — or Senator Wyden, who’s the co-author of the bill with — with Paul Ryan in the Senate, but also it came from Bill — Bill Clinton’s chief of staff.” Romney has rejected the Ryan/Wyden approach — which does not cap the growth of the “premium support” subsidy. Bill Clinton and his commission also voted down these changes to the Medicare program.

17) “Well, I would repeal and replace it. We’re not going to get rid of all regulation. You have to have regulation. And there are some parts of Dodd-Frank that make all the sense in the world.” Romney has previously called for full repeal of Dodd-Frank, a law whose specific purpose is to regulate banks. MF Global’s use of customer funds to pay for its own trading losses is just one bit of proof that the financial industry isn’t responsible enough to protect consumers without regulation.

18) “But I wouldn’t designate five banks as too big to fail and give them a blank check. That’s one of the unintended consequences of Dodd-Frank… We need to get rid of that provision because it’s killing regional and small banks. They’re getting hurt.” The law merely says that the biggest, systemically risky banks need to abide by more stringent regulations. If those banks fail, they will be unwound by a new process in the Dodd-Frank law that protects taxpayers from having to pony up for a bailout.

19) “And, unfortunately, when — when — when you look at Obamacare, the Congressional Budget Office has said it will cost $2,500 a year more than traditional insurance. So it’s adding to cost.” Obamacare will actually provide millions of families with tax credits to make health care more affordable.

20) “It puts in place an unelected board that’s going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have. I don’t like that idea.” The Board, or IPAB is tasked with making binding recommendations to Congress for lowering health care spending, should Medicare costs exceed a target growth rate. Congress can accept the savings proposal or implement its own ideas through a super majority. The panel’s plan will modify payments to providers but it cannot “include any recommendation to ration health care, raise revenues or Medicare beneficiary premiums…increase Medicare beneficiary cost-sharing (including deductibles, coinsurance, and co- payments), or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria” (Section 3403 of the ACA). Relying on health care experts rather than politicians to control health care costs has previously attracted bipartisan support and even Ryan himself proposed two IPAB-like structures in a 2009 health plan.

21) “Right now, the CBO says up to 20 million people will lose their insurance as Obamacare goes into effect next year. And likewise, a study by McKinsey and Company of American businesses said 30 percent of them are anticipating dropping people from coverage.” The Affordable Care Act would actually expand health care coverage to 30 million Americans, despite Romney fear mongering. According to CBO director Douglas Elmendorf, 3 million or less people would leave employer-sponsored health insurance coverage as a result of the law.

22) “I like the way we did it [health care] in Massachusetts…What were some differences? We didn’t raise taxes.” Romney raised fees, but he can claim that he didn’t increase taxes because the federal government funded almost half of his reforms.

23) “It’s why Republicans said, do not do this, and the Republicans had — had the plan. They put a plan out. They put out a plan, a bipartisan plan. It was swept aside.” The Affordable Care Act incorporates many Republican ideas including the individual mandate, state-based health care exchanges, high-risk insurance pools, and modified provisions that allow insurers to sell policies in multiple states. Republicans never offered a united bipartisan alternative.

24) “Preexisting conditions are covered under my plan.” Only people who are continuously insured would not be discriminated against because they suffer from pre-existing conditions. This protection would not be extended to people who are currently uninsured.

25) “In one year, you provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world. Now, I like green energy as well, but that’s about 50 years’ worth of what oil and gas receives.” The $90 billion was given out over several years and included loans, loan guarantees and grants through the American Recovery Act. $23 billion of the $90 billion “went toward “clean coal,” energy-efficiency upgrades, updating the electricity grid and environmental clean-up, largely for old nuclear weapons sites.”

26) “I think about half of [the green firms Obama invested in], of the ones have been invested in have gone out of business. A number of them happened to be owned by people who were contributors to your campaigns.” As of late last year, only “three out of the 26 recipients of 1705 loan guarantees have filed for bankruptcy, with losses estimated at just over $600 million.”

27) “If the president’s reelected you’ll see dramatic cuts to our military.” Romney is referring to the sequester, which his running mate Paul Ryan supported. Obama opposes the military cuts and has asked Congress to formulate a balanced approach that would avoid the trigger.


So far, it has taken me hours to post this piece.  As i get past one Google ad another one pops up.  It would appear as if Google is Republican !  It appears to be trying to debunk the facts about Romneys debate speech by throwing in distracting ads.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Iran Report

WOW ! I just finished reading all 31 pages of the Iran Report released 13 Sept 2012.

It is a study and written report involving a bipartisan group of former U.S. diplomats, generals and government officials including such auspicious names such as: Brent Scowcroft, ret. Adm. William Fallon, former Republican senator Chuck Hagel, ret. Gen. Anthony Zinni and former Amb. Thomas Pickering.

The consequences of an American-Iranian conflict would make the recent riots in the Middle-East look like the appetizer before the main meal !

If America attacks Iran, other nations will suddenly view Iran as the victim, and the coalition of nations we've worked so hard to establish will break down. The enabled sanctions will disappear as other nations desert U.S. policy.
Big name countries such as Russia and China will jump into the fray to "protect" the victim of such aggression.
Ever hear of solidarity? Well, this expression will gain a new meaning when a majority of smaller countries defend Iran, their Arab neighbor.
Plus, there's Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan. They'll defend their neighbor, too. These countries are already "hot" about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.
And Pakistan is a sure bet to embrace the Arab cause. Remember Pakistan? It already has nuclear weapons. Will Pakistan use them against America and Israel ? Possibly so.

That's not to mention the economic consequences for America. You think prices are high now? Just wait. You think the world economy is shaky now? Just wait.

If America attacks Iran, there's the best possibility it will escalate into an all time war. At least, these learned men believe it will. This will take more than all our soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts -- combined -- to fight it. The estimate is that over a million men will be needed to fight. In a war that will last well over 10 years or more.

That kind of war will completely devastate the American economy which already says it can't feed the poor (Romney/Ryan's plans to cut food stamps), support its elderly (Romney/Ryan's cuts to Social Security), nor give medical services to the populace as a whole (Romney/Ryan's plan to cut Medicare and turn it into a voucher system).

That kind of war will turn the average American into the beggar standing on the street corner.

Think i'm making this up? Read the Iranian Report. All 31 pages are written in very small print with no pictures to break up the tedium, but it will open eyes clouded by the war-mongerers demand that war with Iran is necessary.

Oh !!! Have i mentioned that as of this point in time, it is a well known fact that Iran has no intentions of making nor using a nuclear bomb? Despite Israel's constant threats to attack them, Iran's leaders do not want to develop nuclear weapons. They believe nuclear weapons are unethical !

However, if America attacks them, it's a pretty for sure conclusion that they'll change their mind, especially if their survival depends on it !  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bibi's Bomb

Isreal foisted a cartoon upon the UN General Assembly years ago, with its graph on Irag's supposed WMD's which was introduced through the trusting nature of Colin Powell who presented the material.

Isreal's hoax then, led Republican President George W. Bush to declare war on Iraq. That war caused the death of thousands of American lives. If you remember, it was strictly an American war -- Isreal, after goading America to act, didn't participate.

What a clever ploy. Get others to fight your wars for you, sacrafice their lives for you, while safeguarding the lives of your own citizens.

Now, Netanyahu, Isreal's Prime Minister, is at it again. Another cartoon. The audience is again the members of the UN General Assembly. This cartoon even has a title: Bibi's Bomb.

Obviously, Netanyahu is hoping to repeat Isreal's successful fear-and-war-mongering campaign which worked so well in goading Republican Geo. W. Bush to declare war.

Again, he is trying to goad America into a needless war which will cause the death of more American lives, while Isreal watches from the sidelines.

"Needless?" I hear you shouting. Your face is turning red in angst as you have an apoplectic fit. Just as it did over the WMD affair.
"Iran with a nuclear bomb and you call this needless war?"

There's a lot of folks who have joined Netanyahu's fear briggade. Certainly, Netanyahu has successfully conned Romney, just as Isreal did Bush, to committ to a war of Isreal's choosing. What puppets Netanyahu thinks we are. Isreal pulls the strings and America jumps to do its bidding.

There are a few informed American citizens trying to speak to the voice of reason.

One of Iran's missions, currently, is to improve its Medical Research Center which is dedicated to curing cancer. This Medical Research Center uses reactor fuel which in this case, just happens, to be nuclear fuel. And yes, Iran has made about 190 kg of 20% uranium. A third of that "stockpile" that Netanyahu is terrorizing you about -- has already been spent to fuel its Medical Research reactor !!!

Does it take a mathamatical genius to subtract 33-and-a-1/3% from 70% which equals 36.7% and realize that Bibi's Bomb cartoon diagram, which took Iran 70% of the way towards a nuclear weapon is a skewed mockery of the truth.

Netanyahu has just conveniently left out a few details -- that's all.

Western diplomats and nuclear experts point out that the Iranian uranium stockpile is monitored and under seal by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which would sound the alarm if Iran tried to "break out" and make weapons-grade uranium.

Thank God we have Obama as our President. Unlike Romney, Obama refuses to become another of Netanyahu's puppets. Obama, with a clear head and in control of ALL of the facts, refuses to be goaded into another war of Isreal's making.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Romney's Prejudice Against Arab Nations

Did anyone else catch Romney's Pueblo, Colorado speech yesterday?

He was trying to dun Obama's "bump-in-the-road" speech and trying to express which recent events in the Mid-East are major threats to America.
What blew me away was his statement: "The Muslim Brotherhood president being elected in Egypt" . . . threatens America.
Give me a break. Egypt is 90% Muslim !!!
So now, ( in Romney's opinion ) a Muslim country electing a Muslim president is a "threat to America" ?

I don't know what Romney's beef is against the Arabs. First his attack against the Palestinians, not to mention his rabid attacks on Persians in Iran, and now his attack on Mohamed Morsi, who, by the way, has a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, earned in 1982. Morsi was a professor at California State University from 1982 until 1985 -- right here in the US. I don't know how an MBA (Romney's degree) stacks up against a PhD (Morsi's degree), but i do know that if Romney keeps up his attacks on the Arab population, he will provoke an already embittered Muslim contingency into an unprecedented war.

There are 196 countries in the World. Of those, 50 countries have an 80% to 100% Muslim population. So! Romney's current racial view, (his prejudices against the Muslims), if enabled by a position of authority, per se, the presidency, would put us at war with 50 (each of which contain an 80+% Muslim population) out of the world's 196 countries .

That means we'd be at war with over 25% of the world !

Darn. That's scary !!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Foreigners Choosing Our President Now ???

Are we going to let Isreal's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, determine who our next president is?

Netanyahu is meddling in America's politics and doing his best to get Romney elected.
That's pretty unethical.
Are we going to let this foreign leader choose our next president?

Netanyahu has even gone so far as to appear in an attack ad against Obama.
Source: ( )
The Israeli prime minister's actions look like "crude, vulgar and unrestrained intervention in the US election campaign", says Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu wants war with Iran. Romney wants a war with Iran. They are in each other's hip pockets. The rapport between the two rightwing politicians dates back to the 1970s when they both worked at the Boston Consulting Group.

The saddest thing about this is: Obama has done more to help Isreal economically than previous American presidents have, and yet, Netanyahu, the grave digger, wants to remove him from office. That's gratitude for you.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trust And The Elections

Let me state unequivocally, that i have trouble trusting anyone who says: "I know this fellow is unethical but i am going to vote for him anyways".

This, today, is the Republican mantra.

It is not an occasional hue and cry but a constant vocalization: "I don't like Mitt Romney. He doesn't express my values and i am suspicious of his character . . . But . . . . I am going to vote for him anyways."

The underlying motive here, heard loudly and often, is: As a Republican, I feel I must defeat the Democrats at -- any -- and all costs.

It was my great good luck while in high school to have received the benefit of teachers who advised: Vote for the man, not for the party. Seek out the leaders, not by whether they are Republicans or Democrats, but rather for the qualities they embody.

Choose leaders who are honest and whose moral values encompass compassion, peace, education and the necessary patience to make wise decisions.

Mitt Romney has none of these qualities. He skews the truth to fit his momentary needs. He lacks compassion for 47% of the American population. He is quick to jump on the war-mongering bandwagon of Netanyahu's making, has promised to cut education, and he speaks without the careful thought of a wise leader.

He has lied to me. And he has lied to you.

And yet, the true danger of Mitt Romney's candidacy is not all of the above, but of a more fundamental nature.

He has jaundiced the color of my thoughts about -- you !

If, touting the excuse, that you, as a Republican, are going to vote for someone you know to be unethical, what recourse then do i have but to distrust you ???

Monday, September 10, 2012


I understand that intolerance is based on fear.
Fear is most always masked by excuses which adamantly profess that an action is either "right" or "wrong" and thus intolerance is "justifiable".

What's harder for me to see, is that my reaction towards the person exhibiting intolerant behavior . . . .
Is, in and of itself,
Not based upon fear, but upon its cousin:
(Which the dictionaire defines as violent anger or rage.)

When i see one person injuring or fatally wounding another, i am filled with rage.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ryan's Duplicity

Is loyalty a virtue? Not in Paul Ryan's case.
His behavior towards his comrade Akin shouts of duplicity.
Are these the qualities of an "honest" Vice President ??!!!

Media Tries to Influence Presidential Elections

CHARLIE CRIST, Former Republican Gov (Florida) ENDORSES OBAMA.

Should be front page headline news, but ......
Of 3 major newspapers: Washington Post, NY Times, and the Wall St. Journal
. . . .only . . . .
the Washington Post carried the story
Yet buried it
in small print
in the politics section.

Shame on the Media for burying this headline story !!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Versus the Other?

Please note: am trying to avoid annoying ads. Words that are hyphonated are due to avoidance techniques.

Because i'm interested in most everything, i've researched assiduously and have a wide base of k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e on ever so many topics.
Darn tho, if i can remember the facts when i need to lay aholt of them !
It's ever so frustrating, don'cha'know.
For instance: blooming carnation p-l-a-n-t-s will attract hummingbirds.
I know this.
The little carnation blooms delight me.
As do the hummingbirds.
But there seems to be a gap in my e-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n!
The other evening as i watched the hummingbird sip the necter from the wee carnation blooms, it did occur to me to wonder if his long needle-like beak was injuring the blossom ??!!!
If so, the question comes to mind: 'which do you value more?'
The carnation plant i've nurtured diligently? Or the hummingbird?
It would cause me great emotional pain if i thought i had encouraged an environment whereby one injured the other.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Repub Pols

Ryan's Plan cuts our earned benefits and gives them to millionaires and billionaires.
Is that fair ???

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Dog

The American Institute For C-a-n-c-e-r Research reports: eating 1 hot dog a day increases the risk of c-a-n-c-e-r.
Paul Ryan, is the hot dog driving the Weinermobile.

Please note: i hyphenated the words to avoid the google ads

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Google Still Messing Up My Blog

It's probably time to switch to another blogging program. Transfer all these posts to another medium. But that is such a pain.
Did you know -- if you have a legitimate beef with a Google policy -- you can't contact them !!!
Have tried to send them several emails to ask that they stop using their ads on my blog, but try as i might, have found no way to get the emails to them !!!
Irony: had to google the question on how to contact google.
Apparantly, no one else knows how to get messages to them either.
What a bummer.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Google's Greed

Google, in their insatiable appetite to gain advertizers, is messing up my
English !!!
Obviously, i post because i think i have something worth sharing. And i choose my words most carefully trying to express exactly what i wish to impart.
The next day, i find that Google has redlighted and double-underlined several of my words, burping up ads which have nothing to do whatsoever with the content of my meaning.
Before Google decided to hog the market and buy out the original developers of Blogspot, it was a viable program. A Blessing to its users.
Now ???
It's a nightmare. One has to constantly monitor their posts and reword phrases in order to avoid the adverts. Quite often the import of meaning is lost in the transition.
How shabby is that, Google??!!! Shame on you.